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Natural Link Building to Improve Your Search Engine Performance

My link-earning program increases the number of links from sites that pass the most value to your site. The program has four components: identifying link opportunities, content development, media outreach and tracking & reporting.


Identifying Link Building Opportunities

The first step to a focused link-building program is identifying the right outlets for your content and audience. You don't have to be an SEO expert to know that links raise your site's search ranking.


Content Development That's Link Worthy

Not long ago, it was possible to grow an effective backlink profile using only company news, press releases, and a large number of low-quality links such as blog comments. But changes to the Google algorithm and the growing sophistication of media outlets have made that strategy not only obsolete, but also counterproductive.


Media Outreach

Many digital agencies talk about using public relations and media outreach to earn links, but they simply lack the media contacts, experience and news savvy to get it done. I'll help you connect with PR pros working with editors to get your content in the news, your website will draw more traffic and rank higher on Google as a result of quality links from authoritative media outlets.


Tracking & Reporting

Measurement, analysis and reporting are fundamental to the success of your link-earning program. Using trusted tools such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs as well as my in-house placement tracker, I'll track and measure the impact of every link in every media placement for your business.


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Visibility is a core objective of every online marketing strategy. If your company is going to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need a visible online presence that includes a highly trafficked company website. Unfortunately, a good business website isn’t a field of dreams even if you build it the masses may not come, at least not until you have optimized it for search engines and systematically generated inbound links.

With my link-earning program, your B2B business can improve the authority of its website, thereby moving higher in search results, drawing more qualified traffic and increasing brand awareness through coverage in trusted media outlets. My proven, methodical approach to improving your website’s page rank while increasing traffic taps into every one of my specialties: SEO analytics, content development, and public relations.

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Links from websites are the currency of search engine optimization. When your business website earns links from news sites, social media and other websites, Google interprets each link as a signal of quality, useful content. Earning links from high-quality websites is a proven, effective way to elevate your website’s position in search engine results. Inbound links also spread brand awareness and drive more traffic to your business website.


What others are saying

I’ve found a reliable long-term partner in Raul and his team at SRD Media. A strong focus on technology and market trends, efficiency and professionalism—these are just a few of the qualities we've found and witnessed throughout our collaboration. I highly recommend the services offered by Raul Siderias.

— David Paul Ivanciuc

Director @ eCommerce Company

When we hired Raul we were looking for someone to take our SEO efforts to the next level and he surely delivered. From the get-go he has raised the bar for technical SEO in our team, but more than that he was able to bring lots of value in areas such as marketing strategy, conversion optimization, UX, web design and product strategy.

— Calin Onet

Marketing Director @ Yardi Inc.

I started working with Raul a few years ago, when our company decided to renew its image and change its communication interface with the help of a new website. Raul was there to offer us guidance and solutions every step of the way, whether we had issues expanding our storage capacity or altering the format of the pages we were working on. We highly recommend Raul’s services and solutions.

— Serban Udrea

Director @ Medisprof Cancer Center (Private Hospital)

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Let’s raise the profile of both your website and your B2B brand.

Visibility is a core objective of every online marketing strategy.