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Search Engine Optimization Consultancy Services

Generate More Organic Growth By Using The Right SEO Strategy

Scrutinizing Every On-Page Element

Offering smart and flexible search engine optimization services.

Working together, we will discuss new and creative ways to plan an aggressive and comprehensive digital marketing strategy to take your business to new heights of success. This allows us to know which of the two services suit you best, a Technical SEO Audit or SEO Consultancy!

Technical SEO Auditing


Ongoing SEO Consultancy


Accessibility & Crawling

Accessibility & Crawling

Many people stress out about why their content is not indexed.

This is where search engine web crawlers can be your best friends!

On-page SEO & Content Quality Assessment

On-page SEO & Content Quality Assessment

A complete assessment of your website’s content is carried out to ensure that there is no cannibalization or duplication of content. Your website is also updated with the latest and the most effective SEO techniques!



Adding web pages to Google search is called indexing as it helps in ranking your website higher on the list. Only the most relevant and vital pages/blog posts from your website are picked to be indexed.

Reporting That Makes Sense

Reporting That Makes Sense

I won’t waste your time by giving you reports filled with gibberish you won’t understand! Instead, you get a simple, yet detailed, breakdown of the results achieved through my services!

Get the full picture

Technical SEO Audit

A full-scale SEO audit is carried out for your website comprising of looking at your site’s content and your overall presence in the World Wide Web.

This Service Gets You:

On-Page Optimization

Duplication & Potential penalty risks analysis

Site Architecture, Crawling & Indexation Issues

Competition Analysis

Link Profile Analysis

Site Performance on Mobile & Desktop Audit

Stay on top of Google

Monthly SEO Consultancy

The world of SEO is evolving constantly and you should evolve with it if you wish to stay on top.

This service ensures that your website stays SEO optimized at all times.

You get:

Up-to-Date Optimizations

Google Algorithm Update Breakdown & Recommendations

Link Building Plan & Strategy

QA on your SEO Changes

Permanent Monitoring & Reporting

How does this work? What’s right for you?

Every business is unique with its own history, context and niche. This is why I have implemented a 4-step approach:


Hello! Let's Talk About Your Project

We start by having a conversation to understand and discuss any and all problems and goals your business is facing.


Research & Data Acquisition

After we have our initial conversation, I'll start looking into the problems, your products/services, competition and industry.


Solution & Business Proposal

Once the research is completed, you are given a plan that aims to propel and widen your business’s online presence!


Project Delivery, QA & Support

Now you get to witness as our strategy takes shape and your business gets the boost it needed to reach at the top in search rankings. I'm always open to queries and feedback so ask away!


Get in touch with me for an SEO audit

Make sure you are playing by the rules

Before I start working on any client’s website, I conduct a complete SEO audit of the existing website by both looking at the website content and the presence on the World Wide Web.
Time is spent to check past SEO work and where was it lacking. Once completed, you will be presented with a report, after which we will put together a plan of action for your website’s digital marketing campaign.
I don’t believe in SEO to be a one-for-all strategy! I approach each client with a unique and customizable strategy relevant to his or her business model and framework.

Start-up or Enterprise

Establishing Key Objectives
Understanding Your Businesses’ Goals.

Every business should be measured differently as they have their own unique goals and objectives. By understanding your business’s goals, an SEO strategy is developed around it so it perfectly complements your enterprise. This enables me to show you how I approach each client with an in-depth analysis of your business’s needs!


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Customer Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to Search Engine Optimization!

Accessibility, Indexability & Crawl Optimization. What is that?

These are terms that describe a website’s ability to access and index pages on your website. The better these optimizations have been performed, the more noticed and visible your website will be.

What does On-Page SEO contain?

This is a process through which each and every individual page of a website is optimized for SEO so they may rank higher during search results. This depends on the content that is present on the page and also on the HTML source code.

How do you measure Page Speed & Site Performance?

I utilize tools to analyze different aspects of site performance. I also benchmark within your niche and look at how your competitors are performing. The results are put into perspective so you will know what matters and needs prioritization and what should be dropped, as it will not make an impact.

How many sites will be featured in the Competition Analysis?

Usually, I look at top three competitors, but the list can be extended for a broader analysis depending on your business and niche.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The cost for an SEO audit is not fixed. It depends on the number of website pages, and any particularities you want covered or analyzed. Get in touch today for an exact SEO audit quotation!

How much does an ongoing SEO plan cost?

No two websites are the same, nor have the success measured the same. I’ll first understand your perspectives and what exactly it is that success means to your business to develop a streamlined and optimal SEO strategy to complement it. For a quotation please contact me via email, social media, phone and I’ll provide you with the exact costs.

How fast can we see the results?

It takes time for SEO to show results! It depends on the number of competitors, your location, your objectives, your target niche, but usually, the first improvement signs can be seen in a couple of months. However, it’s worth the time and the investment as it drives a healthy organic traffic stream towards your website.

Payment Options

You can use PayPal or Online Payment methods for payments.

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The SEO / digital industry is moving fast

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